Website Structure & Customizations


  1. Site Stratuture Optimizetion
  2. Content Writing & Existing Content Update
  3. Add a Blog Section on the Website
  4. Article Writing & Blog posting Per Week
  5. website Schema Setup
  6. Add a Favicon to Your Website


Welcome to our Website Makeover package – where we jazz up your site to make it pop! 🚀 Here’s the lowdown on what we’ve got cooking for you:

What’s in the Mix:

  1. Smooth Sailing Navigation: We’re tweaking your site’s road map so visitors can breeze through without getting lost. Easy peasy!
  2. Fresh Content Fiesta: Our wordsmiths are cooking up new stuff for your site. Plus, we’re giving the existing content a makeover to keep things snazzy and up-to-date.
  3. Blog-o-Rama Addition: Spice up your site with a cool blog section. Share your thoughts, updates, and insider tips – because who doesn’t love a good read?
  4. Weekly Wordplay: Brace yourself for three fresh articles every week! Each one’s a solid 1000+ words, packed with juicy info to keep your audience hooked.
  5. Search Engine Boost: We’re making sure Google loves you! By setting up special codes (don’t worry, we got this), your site will show up in searches like a Rockstar.
  6. Tiny Icon, Big Impact: Ever noticed those small logos in your browser tab? Yep, that’s a favicon. We’re slapping a cool one on your site, so you’re instantly recognizable.

Ready to transform your website from drab to fab? Our “Website Makeover” is your ticket to an online glow-up. Let’s make your site a place people can’t get enough of!


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