Full Technical SEO Optimization & Setup


  1. XML Sitemap Creation & Submission
  2. Robots.txt File Optimization
  3. Indexing Optimization
  4. Sitemap Submission On Search Engines
  5. Google Search Console (GSC) Setup & Fixing
  6. Google Analytics (GA) Setup
  7. Broken Links Issues
  8. Website Page Speed Optimization
  9. Site Redirects to Preferred Version
  10. Manual Penalties & Core Web Vitals Issues
  11. Detailed Technical SEO Report


Get ready for a website tech glow-up! 🛠️ Introducing our “Full Technical SEO Optimization & Setup” – the superhero treatment for your site’s behind-the-scenes stuff. Here’s the lowdown on the cool things we’re doing:

Awesome Tech Stuff:

  1. Map Magic: We’re creating a special map for your site and telling search engines, “Hey, look over here!” So, they know exactly where your awesome content is hiding.
  2. Bouncer Upgrade: Think of your site like a club. We’re optimizing the bouncer (Robots.txt file) to tell search engines what’s VIP and what’s off-limits.
  3. Google’s Good Books: We’re making sure your site is in Google’s good graces by tweaking how it shows up in search results.
  4. Map Delivery: We’re not just making a map; we’re hand-delivering it to Google, Bing, and friends, so they can find your site without getting lost.
  5. Google Search Console (GSC) VIP Pass: Your backstage pass to Google’s secrets. We’re setting it up and fixing any hiccups to keep your site on Google’s radar.
  6. Google Analytics (GA) Party Starter: Time to know who’s knocking on your digital door! We’re setting up Google Analytics to spill the beans on your website visitors.
  7. Link Fixer-Upper: Broken links are like potholes on your website road. We’re patching them up so your visitors can cruise smoothly.
  8. Speed Boost: Slow websites? Not on our watch! We’re speeding up your site so visitors don’t lose patience, and search engines give you a thumbs up.
  9. Navigate Right: We’re setting up road signs (redirects) to make sure users always end up where they’re supposed to on your site.
  10. Trouble Detective: We’re on the lookout for anything holding your site back. Manual penalties or web vitals issues? We’re tackling them head-on.
  11. Techy Deets Report: Curious about the techy stuff? You’ll get a report spilling all the behind-the-scenes secrets so you’re in the loop.

Ready to make your website a tech superstar? Our “Full Technical SEO Optimization & Setup” is your website’s superhero cape. Let’s get your site ready to rock the digital world!


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