Complete On-Page SEO Optimizations


  1. Baseline SEO Audit Report
  2. Complete On-Page SEO Optimization
  3. In-depth SEO Keyword Research & Selection
  4. Meta Title & Tag Optimization
  5. SEO Meta Description Optimization
  6. Keyword Optimization
  7. Website Content optimization
  8. SEO-Friendly URL Optimization
  9. Schema Implementation
  10. Heading Optimization (Ex. H1, H2, H3 – H6)
  11. Image SEO Optimization with Image ALT
  12. Page Structure Optimization
  13. 404 Error Page Setup and Optimization
  14. Canonical Tag Optimization
  15. Internal Linking Restructuring & Optimization
  16. Internal Linking and Optimization
  17. Keyword Proximity / Density Optimization
  18. Primary Keyword/2nd LSI Keywords
  19. Bold/italic tag optimization
  20. Content Gap Analysis
  21. Google My Business (GMB) Optimization (If Existing)
  22. Detailed On-Page SEO Work Report


Get ready for a website glow-up! 🌟 Introducing our “Complete On-Page SEO Optimizations” – the secret sauce to make your site a Google superstar. We’re not holding back; it’s a full-on makeover to make your online home shine bright. Check out the cool stuff we’re bringing to the SEO party:

Awesome Features:

  1. SEO Checkup: We’re kicking things off with a deep dive into your website’s current vibe. It’s like a before-and-after snapshot to see where we’re starting.
  2. Total Website Tune-up: From fancy meta tags to tweaking your content, we’re giving your site a VIP treatment to impress Google.
  3. Keyword Magic: Our word wizards dig deep to find the perfect keywords that’ll have your site doing a happy dance in search results.
  4. Title & Tag Makeover: Your website deserves a grand entrance. We’re spicing up your titles and tags to catch everyone’s eye in search.
  5. Description Makeover: Short, sweet, and irresistible – that’s the plan for your meta descriptions. Click-worthy content, coming right up!
  6. Keyword Party: We’re not just throwing in keywords randomly. It’s like a strategic game of placing them where they’ll shine the most.
  7. Content Boost: From headlines to the nitty-gritty, we’re giving your content a makeover. It’s not just Google-friendly; it’s people-friendly too.
  8. Clean URL Magic: Say goodbye to messy URLs. We’re cleaning them up to make both Google and your visitors happy.
  9. Structured Data Boost: Ever heard of schema? It’s like a secret weapon to make your site stand out in the search crowd. We’re adding that magic touch.
  10. Headings Upgrade: Headings matter, and we’re upgrading them for a combo of readability and SEO awesomeness.
  11. Picture Perfect: Your images speak volumes. We’re jazzing them up with keyword-packed ALT tags for a visual boost in search.
  12. Page Makeover: Navigating your site should be a breeze. We’re tweaking the layout to keep your visitors hooked.
  13. Error Page Charm: Even errors can be cool! We’re setting up a friendly 404 page to keep your audience smiling, even when things go wrong.
  14. Content Tag Team: Avoiding duplicate content drama with special tags. Your content, your way.
  15. Link Love: Connecting the dots within your site. We’re revamping and optimizing internal links for a smooth ride.
  16. Keyword Sweet Spot: Finding the perfect balance for keyword use – not too much, not too little. It’s like Goldilocks for SEO.
  17. Keyword All-Stars: We’ve got your keywords covered, from the main hero to its trusty sidekicks.
  18. Bold & Beautiful: Even the small details matter. We’re making sure your bold and italic tags play nice with SEO.
  19. Behind-the-Scenes Report: We’re all about transparency. You get a sneak peek behind the scenes with a detailed report, so you know exactly what’s cooking.

Ready to make your website a search engine sensation? Our “Complete On-Page SEO Optimizations” is your ticket to SEO stardom. Let’s get your site in the spotlight! 🚀


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